Value added

Having your own Web / App, in a personalized way, gives more visibility to your business. Your customers, in a single click, access your restaurant 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

There are platforms like Glovo, UberEats, JustEat, ... that help you make your business known, with a minimum cost of 15% of your billing, but at the same time they do the same with your competitors.

You can make your own Web / App compatible with those platforms, although in the long run you will see that the cost of the latter is much higher than having your Web / App.

But let's make some numbers:

  • - Invoices through JustEat, Deliveroo, Glovo €4000/month.
    They charge you 15% on the sale.
    You pay €600/month.
  • - Invoices through your own Web and App €4000/month.
    You pay €119/month up to 200 orders/month.
    With an average ticket of €20/order, with 200 orders you would sell €4000.
  • Summing up, €600 - €119 = €481 stay in your pocket.

You can always use the €481 that you save in advertising campaigns, you will be surprised with the cheap rates you can find to advertise on the networks. €481 goes a long way!

Our advice, if you are already a user of these platforms, is that you try to get your clients to migrate to your Web / App so that your benefits are greater.

Photos and Images

It is not essential, but a Web / App with a good gallery of images is always more attractive.

If you have your own photos and images for the Web / App, great!

You can make good photos with phones, tablets, domestic cameras, ... There are also many photo retouching tools available to everyone.

But if you want us to take the photographs, the service is not included in our rates. The photographer's work is billed separately.

Rates and prices






Rate applicable to the first restaurant. From the second restaurant cheaper rates. Ask us.

In our rates you can see that we always use the "From".
The cheapest rate corresponds to Webs or Apps with a design similar to the one you can see in the Web Fresh Pizza Manresa, App Android Play Store, App iOS Apple Store, belonging to one of our clients.

You also have to take into account that the host/server that facilitates the operation of your Web and App, has a price that varies depending on the volume and data traffic.

What does that mean?
If your Web or App exceeds 200 orders/month, an increase of €0.45/order will be applied to the monthly rate from order 201. It must be taken into account that in the Monthly Rate, we are responsible for the cost of the host and we depend on the volume and data traffic of your business, the more your business volume, the more we pay.

Orders per month*(1)Prices Another platform*(2)Rates and prices
200 orders
Sale 4000€
600€89€ Web o App
119€ Web+Apps
201 orders
Sale 4020€
603€89,45€ Web o App
119,45€ Web+Apps
300 orders
Sale 6000€
900€134€ Web o App
164€ Web+Apps

* (1) In the example of the calculation table of the sale, taking an average ticket of €20.

* (2) Other platform: Type JustEat charges a minimum of 15% on the sale.

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